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November 2018 – Issue 28


It seems almost unreal that Christmas is a mere month away.  While writing this newsletter, the Garden Route is experiencing a déjà vu moment as the area is once again being gutted by fires as in June last year.  Over 600 firefighters have been fighting the runaway fires for the past 13 days and all we can do is hope and pray for well deserved rain and minimal loss of property and life.

You might have noticed several vacant cottages that are up for sponsoring. Some of these cottages have been sponsored and we will soon be     welcoming quite a few new residents to Formosa Garden Village.

They are:  Norman and Lucy Dodd to cottage 9, Timothy and Elizabeth Wiener to cottage 40, Chris and Peta van Gass to cottage 43, Margaret Brown to cottage 148, Ronald and Muriel Cubitt to cottage 149, Rodney and Hazel Hill to cottage 150, Denise Anderson to cottage 151 and to cottage 152 we welcome Mettinus Oosterveld and Maria Wagener.

The first occupants are expected to move in during early December 2018 and we wish them much happiness at FGV. Cottages 11, 13, 17, 27 & 103 is still in the sponsoring phase and upgrades will commence once these have been sponsored. The upgrade to the Hair Salon and the extension and enlargement of the existing library has now been completed and both are a lovely improvement.

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