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November 2015 - Issue 19

Every year about this time we look forward to Christmas and its Spirit of Goodwill and Friendship. With much of the world experiencing violence and uncertainty, residents of FGV are indeed fortunate to have surroundings of Peace and Tranquility. This is a great help in our day to day living and is assured by the good management of our village.
Many thanks to our competent and experienced Finance Committee and dedicated Management team. Together with all other Committee members, we are able to control expenses to maintain levies at a reasonable level. Staff also make a huge contribution to the success of Formosa Garden Village. With this assurance, we can look forward to the coming Festive Season.
I must also say a big thank you to Sandra and Pamela de vos Bonthuys for their huge contribution to this Newsletter.
Merry Christmas!
John Lamb- House Committee Chairman

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