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November 2016 - Issue 22

In this newsletter we pay tribute to John Lamb for his input to Formosa Garden Village.  During his tenure, we have witnessed substantial improvements.  The ageing cottages are being upgraded; new cottages have been built; the  laundry and staff ablutions were completed.

In the Frailcare many improvements such as good beds & modern showers have been provided.

Through all the passage of progress, he was assisted by his

wife Beth who has left us with a true “Garden” village.  We wish

to thank them for a long & selfless contribution to the lifestyle we all enjoy here.

We are continuing with the addition of new cottages and have gone to tender on three more on the upper west area of the village.   Contrary to the belief of some residents, we do not foresee a water problem in the area, and this has been confirmed by a consulting engineer. The tenders have been submitted and have been adjudicated. The sponsoring process has started and the building of the new cottages will only commence in the new year.  We will keep you appraised of progress.

Don Ayres – House Committee Chairman

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