Our Latest News and Updates

March 2017 - Issue 23

Since the last newsletter, the biggest event has been the fire that passed very close to our village. A word of thanks is due to management and staff who displayed their competence in handling such an emergency. Our own equipment was fully tested and did all that was required of it.
Our main concern is the area to the north of our boundary and this event will add pres-sure to our request that our neighbour clear his property of invaders or at least provide a firebreak along our security fence. We have made good progress clearing our vacant land and have requested the municipality to exert pressure on our neighbour.
The three new cottages on our southern boundary have all been sponsored. The con-tract has been awarded to Andre Le Roux of ALR Construction, who has made great progress to date. With the additional cottages being built we believe our levy increases can be reduced by creating the extra income.
With the expansion programme comes the need for extra infrastructure, such as Frail-care. We have started thinking about developing the piece of ground behind the existing Price Jones wing. New accommodation here will have to be reviewed in conjunction with upgrading existing Frail care rooms in the Riley Wing. Assisting us with this improvement programme, we have invited Anne Hrabar, a retired architect, to join our House and Executive Committees. I am certain she will be a great asset to the village. Welcome Anne.
Other projects that are ongoing, are the street lights and the ramp connecting Frail care to the Admin block. The Small dining room upgrade has been completed.
Don Ayres – Chairman
House Committee

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