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March 2015 - Issue 17

As Chairman of your House Committee for the past six years it is always a pleasure to contribute to our regular newsletters by introducing them with a message of welcome to our new residents and thanks to all other residents for the support and encouragement we receive.
FGV is a very special village in a most beautiful area which contributes to the tranquility and peaceful nature of our village. With so much uncertainty and violence being experienced not only in our country but also worldwide we are indeed fortunate to reside in a secure and stress free environment. I know your committees are committed to ensuring this atmosphere is maintained and continue to work for the improvement and ensuring the happiness of all residents.
These improvements may often cause irritation with ongoing building operations and noise, but we ask all to bear with us during this very active, but we hope short lived period.

Wishing all residents, staff and members a very happy Easter which is now not far away. – John Lamb

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