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July 2015 - Issue 18

Mid winter at FGV and we are experiencing some of the coldest days for the month of July. This can be a trying time for old bones and stiff muscles, but nevertheless we are more fortunate than many others to be in comfortable and secure surroundings for our twilight years.
Thus the frustrations we experience from burst water pipes, road repairs and not always having our surrounds exactly to our pleasing make our discomforts small in comparison to those of many others.
To ensure FGV remains one of the most attractive and well run retirement villages, your various Committee members devote much of their time to this worthwhile cause. Our management team and staff contribute enormously to maintaining the high standard expected. The beautiful mountains, sea, lagoon and forests make this one of the most sought after places in the country. FGV plays no small part in contributing to this environment.
Meanwhile enjoy reading this brief newsletter which is thanks to Sandra for her major contribution and must have been a huge effort especially after her and Bugs’s unfortunate major car accident.
We wish them both a speedy recovery from their injuries.

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