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August 2019 – Issue 30

New Addition

It’s time for the new edition and with it, we welcome a new resident to our little community.  The renovations have been completed to cottage 27 and Jill Waterman has moved in.  For those who do not know, Jill’s father Philip,  used to be a resident at FGV.   Look out for a “get to know our new resident” article in the next issue.

 Sally Du Plessis has moved into cottage 3, giving up cottage 23 for re-sponsorship and so has Jenny Stevenson, who moved to cottage 93 from 125.  Cottage 125 has been sponsored to Kevin and Patricia Dabinett and renovations will soon commence. Cottages 19, 23, 41 & 77 is currently in the sponsor phase.

  Upgrades and renovations are still  ongoing at cottages 2 (John & Gillian Evelyn), 11 (Patricia Ross), 17 (Rosemary Teubes), 80 (June Talmage), 116 (Michael & Charl Weavind), and 119 (John & June Matchett).   Soon these new residents will settle into their new homes.  We wish them a very happy and contented stay in our midst.

  To the Frailcare we welcome Nancy Wilkinson and Mary Marais for some TLC from our specialized staff.

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Residents enjoying a fun afternoon of Croquet