Our Latest News and Updates

August 2018 – Issue 27

FROM THE EDITOR… Winter has finally arrived and with it the cold and wet weather. Even though we have had to take out the warm jackets, scarves and hats, we are still blessed with some warm days as it is the way of Plettenberg Bay.  This year has surely flown by and so much has happened since the last newsletter.  We have seen some residents leave us, but we have also welcomed a few new faces to our village.

The upgrades at cottage 45, 94, 97 and 115 have been completed and the new occupants have moved in. See the article on page 4  “Welcome to our new residents” and get to know who they are.

We have since welcomed back Brian and Jennifer Hickey.  Brian has moved into Frailcare and Jennifer has taken up occupation of cottage 13.   We also welcome Mr. Chris Morris to the Frailcare.

New upgrades are currently under way at cottages 40 & 43 and the building is progressing at the 5 new cottages below cottage 107.  Cottages 11, 14, 27 and 54 is still in the sponsoring phase and upgrades will commence once these have been sponsored.

The Hairdressing Salon has relocated to its new position next to the Riley Wing ramp.

The old salon premises will be revamped as an extension and enlargement to the existing  library.

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