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November 2019 – Issue 31

     Christmas season has arrived and with that we welcome  new residents to our village.  Welcome John and Gillian Evelyn to cottage 2, Tony Cain to cottage 19, June Talmage to cottage 80 and Michael and Charl Weavind to cottage 116. We wish you a very happy stay in your new home in our charming village. We welcome Lyn Connell to Riley Wing. A number of  vacant cottages have already been sponsored and during the new year we look forward to new residents taking possession of their homes. Rosemary Teubus cottage 17, Adrian and Elizabeth White cottage 41, John and June Matchett cottage 119 and Kevin and Patricia Dabinett cottage 125.  Cottages 11, 23, 77, 78 and 114 are still in the sponsoring phase and some upgrades have already commenced.  We would like to thank you all for your patience during these renovations. 

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Barbara Byrne & Beth Lamb with the winning rose

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