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March 2021 – Issue 35


A year down, and we are still getting used to the new way of life that includes Covid-19, hand sanitizers, masks and the dreaded word, LOCKDOWN.

When the world came to a stand still a year ago, little did we know that a year on, we will still be suffering the consequence.  Our lives have changed and what used to be the norm is no longer.  With every next speech by the President, we hope for improved level restrictions, but I do believe that we have been very lucky in keeping our numbers low in the Village because we have been following the regulations as set out in the Gazette. 

Mary Marais celebrates her 100th Birthday

  The first months of the new year, have brought joy and sadness to our Village as we celebrates the 100th Birthday of Mary Marais, but we also said goodbye to some of our beloved residents.  We suffered while our beaches were closed and when ugly looking fences were put up.  Many people missed out on a wonderful beach vacation because off this.   

  Slowly our positive Covid cases are coming down and life is slowly returning to normal. We are hoping that the numbers will keep on declining and that a 3rd wave will miss us completely.

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