Membership & Waiting List

Membership is by application with an annual subscription payable. The Membership fee shall be adjusted on an annual basis, effective on the 1st April and valid until 31st March of the next year.  Application forms are available at the reception or can be downloaded via the link below.

Click here – Application Form

It is advisable, that you should plan for retirement from an early age as the waiting period for accommodation is approximately 15 years. Our Units are not on a “FOR SALE” basis. We are a Life Right village and work strictly according to a well managed waiting list.

By paying your annual membership fees, you may make use of the Guest rooms, Dining room for lunches (booking essential), catering of savory and sweet snacks from out kitchen, in-house library, hairdressing salon, participation in certain village activities as well as use the Frail Care facility should it be necessary. Cost are available on request.

Only Member may apply to have their names added to the waiting list for future sponsoring of a cottage by completing a separate application form and paying a non-refundable deposit. Annual membership fees must then be maintained in order to keep your name active on the waiting list.

Sponsorship of a cottage will only be offered to members on the waiting list who are over 60 years of age*.

*Conditions apply